LetterPress development flow chart

Our Process

We offer custom-built software for many platforms - created with the First Instructional Principles in mind. Because our software is grounded in the science of Instruction, you can be assured that your learners will retain more information and have greater understanding.


Our instructional design is based on scientifically sound pedagogic theories. Because we put these principles to work for you, our instruction will help your learners to learn faster and have greater understanding of your material. Many of the theories we put into practice have been tested for years, and are proven to create better learning.


We have the tools and the know-how to develop great software packages that will keep your users engaged. Whether it is delivered over the internet, installed on your computer, or on a hand-held device, we work to make your instruction visually interesting and easy to use. User and use-case testing ensures the instruction will be appropriate for your learners.

Client Reviews

In the beginning, we will work with you to analyze and design a specification for the instruction and the software. Our development team will periodically release working demos to keep you up to speed on our progress. It is important to us that we have a open, transparent relationship with our clients in order to ensure that the project stays on track.


We try to lock down as many big design parameters as we can in the beginning, but sometimes you may want changes made that you can't anticipate right from the beginning. We are happy to make small changes during development and are willing to renegotiate costs for bigger changes.


Putting a price on a software project is a tricky thing. We are willing to work with you on creating a budget and scope for your project that is fair to both parties.

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How Long Will It Take To Finish?

Every project is different. We strive to create good, quality instruction and develop beautiful, functional software. When we sit down with you to discuss the requirements of your project we can generally tell you about how long it may take. As the project kicks off, we will build a schedule of deliverable pieces of the project.